Microsoft half heartedly push Windows Phone 8.1 for business

BUILD 2014 – Microsoft half heartedly push Windows Phone 8.1 for business

Microsoft also are showing the new version of Windows Phone and stressing Business features.

They are showing signed certificates for secure emails. In addition, the ability to enroll or remove employees from organizations instantly changing the profile and allowed features on the phone.

Damn that was a short demo.

The guy just showed 2 features and got off the stage. I guess the focus is on consumers.

It was like 7 minutes.


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  • Sally Black

    Hmm. I guess they want people to know it’s there, but realize other phones have more of a “business” feel like certain androids or blackberry.

    • Ted Smith

      I agree, Sally. I think businesses are still largely Blackberry and now android/iphone operated, so they should just focus on the general consumer for the time being.

  • Jason Claven

    I wonder why they would show 2 and then just walk off stage. haha. It seems to me they would be better off not addressing the business features at all. This just makes the business aspect lose credibility.

  • Jake

    Very weird. My guess is it was bombing and someone spoke up in his ear and told him to bail asap.