The Surface versus laptops debate has been going on ever since the devices were first announced. Android or iOS tablets are another world altogether, but a slate powered by a version of Windows seemed enticing and attractive right from the beginning.

It is however asking too much to expect Surface RT to match laptops pound for pound. RT’s battlefield is the kingdom of iPad and other lower priced tablets.

Surface Pro, on the other hand, as the second product in the family is armed to the teeth.

It brings with it massive power and performance, and more importantly Windows 8 Pro, with its ability to run legacy Windows software. It has the potential to take the fight to laptops and ultrabooks.

Davenport & Co. analyst Drake Johnston also believes this to be the case. Talking to AllThingsD, he said that Surface Pro could attract many more users to Microsoft, even replacing laptops in a lot of companies and enterprises:

“It is possible that Microsoft could generate solid enterprise demand for the new Surface Pro tablet. [It] will run legacy Windows 7 software applications (including Microsoft Office) and will also run Windows 8 applications. It is possible that corporations could be attracted to the Surface Pro tablet as a replacement for laptop PCs.”

At the end of the day, it is still a mobile device — and as the market has shown mobile devices live and die with their ecosystem. That is one reason why Microsoft is so aggressively luring developers to develop apps for the Windows Store.

Nevertheless, it is too early to say with assurance how the Surface Pro will fare.

We will know soon enough in the coming weeks, as Surface Pro hits the market later this month.

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  • Brenton Klassen

    Of course it can replace a laptop!

  • Robert Kegel

    I say yes and no. It depends on the person. A friend of mine said they wouldn’t want a Surface because it only has a 10 inch screen. She’s a bookkeeper and needs the bigger screen so Surface may not be for her. I have other friends who say it would be fine for them and when it comes out they’ll look into it.

    What I’d really like to see is wireless HDMI built into Surface so where ever you’re near a screen with wireless HDMI access you have a possible big screen to work on. This might be a fix for most people. A docking station could help as well as a cheaper alternative.

    • Arnold

      Wireless HDMI??? is that actually a thing? like does that exist?

      • Robert Kegel

        Its not a standard yet there companies that are trying to make it one. I think the AT&T Uverse wireless receiver also uses a form of Wireless HDMI.