Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 bring plenty of useful new features to the table, and Windows 8 in particular helps narrow the bridge between conventional PC and mobile device. Unfortunately, good ideas and popular ideas aren’t mutually exclusive.

Microsoft has the right idea with Windows 8, but the wrong execution. The biggest problem areas are problem areas are as follows:

1) The perception that Windows 8 is too hard to learn and is too much like a Frankenstien monster. Critics say Microsoft tries to make Windows 8 an OS for desktop and an OS for mobile, but doesn’t get quite either of these right.

2) The tablet market is moving away from large-sized tablets, and yet Microsoft hasn’t given us anything smaller than 10-inches yet.

3) Not enough public understanding of what sets Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT from each other. Additionally, not enough understanding of why or how Windows provides a better experience for users than iOS or Android devices.

So how does Microsoft get past this? You guessed it, Windows Blue.

Windows Blue could be a second chance.

There is no saying for sure that Windows Blue will help Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 further along, but if they play their cards right it certainly could. Personally, I think WP8 is already heading in the right direction, so I’m going to focus on how Windows Blue can address Windows 8 problems.

Issue 1) Perception is a problem, but what can Microsoft do with Blue to change it? Windows Blue needs to make switching back from Windows 8’s desktop and Windows 8’s modern UI as simple as possible. If possible, it also needs to port over some of the aspects like task manager to the modern UI, so less hopping back and forth is needed. Other changes like creating an easy to find shutdown button on both the desktop and modern UI could be a good move.

Issue 2) We already covered this in-depth in another article, but I’ll simply say, Windows Blue needs to make 7-inch and 8-inch tablets a possibility. This can be done by making desktop less important for versions of Windows 8 (or RT??) running on smaller form factors.

Issue 3) This is a marketing issue, but Windows Blue could help. Imagine Microsoft launching a HUGE campaign about, “We value what customers think. We’ve thought about some of the hurdles with Windows 8, and we’ve improved upon them. Introducing Windows Blue” and then it could focus on what Blue ‘adds’ to the Windows experience to make it easier. Of course Start Menu fanatics would attack such adds saying “they don’t really listen, or else we’d have start bar” — still, such a move could help a little.

Bottom-line, Windows Blue needs to be GREAT, if they are going to overcome perception, marketing and other problems. Can they do it and still keep modern and other Windows 8 changes? Sure they can. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are VERY similar with a few usability and performance changes thrown in, and yet people love Windows 7 and passionately hated Vista.

What do you think Microsoft needs to do with Windows Blue? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Microsoft should have made everything run through the Metro Interface thus resolving all the problems at a stroke. At the moment Windows 8 is a later version of Windows 3.1.

  2. Septimus I Am / March 21, 2013 at 6:27 pm /Reply

    Bring back aero. I would use Windows 8 pro if i could get past the look
    of it. I feel windows 8 is just another version of crappy windows xp. If
    windows Blue does not have some kind of Aero that is not a basic theme
    then i will goto android perm. I don`t mind the metro, windows 8 does
    not run faster then windows 7 by any means. i always thought that when
    you make a new O/S that it would come with a speed boost, not on windows
    8. Sorry Microsoft when you made windows 7 you made it to good, and
    windows 8 is just rubbish. Windows Blue so far looks like a joke. But
    anybody who bought a Surface tablet would agree that windows 8 and RT
    have to many limits to then. i sold my surface pro on ebay it just
    couldn`t hang with my kindle fire hd. I mean who carries around a 10
    inch tablet anymore, how embarrassing. Microsoft you used to be a leader
    now your nothing but a Epic Fail. And i used to be one of the biggest
    Microsoft fan boys.

  3. Michael Elfial / June 11, 2013 at 3:12 pm /Reply

    David, tell me how can you imagine doing anything serious in the Metro interface? Only two big ugly windows/apps at a time – I have large monitors and I use a number of widgets and so on…. Excuse me but even Android looks much more Windows-like today than Windows itself. Microsoft must rollback the entire Metro madness before drowning with it. The seemingly good reactions did not rise their market share too much for more than 4 years now. What are they waiting for – a sign of God?

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