In the last several years, Microsoft has made a pretty big effort to expand its presence through Microsoft Stores. These locations allow the selling of Microsoft products and partner products, as well as a place for consumers to get support or try out new devices.

While the expansion efforts have been great, they have so far been limited to the United States, until now. While other countries have sometimes received temporary Microsoft Store locations, Canada is getting the first permanent location outside of the States. The new store is located at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto.

The Toronto location marks the opening of Microsoft’s thirty-first permanent stores, although there are currently 31 additional pop-up locations that will only be open for the holiday season.

The new store opened Friday and was even graced by the presence of sports legend, Wayne Gretzky. With Microsoft further pushing into the hardware and services game, we are likely going to see a continued push of the store model in the near future.

Microsoft has already affirmed it wants to see at least 44 permanent locations by mid-2013. Are you near the Toronto location? Have you checked it out yet, what did you think?

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