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Firefox 63 Brings Support For Windows 10 Dark Mode

A new version of the Firefox web browser is in the air! And Firefox 63 brings with it several improvements for Windows 10 both in terms of looks and features. Including support for the dark mode in

Puffin Web Browser Comes To Windows

Edge has a new challenger! Puffin Web Browser is the newest kid on the block to launch on the Windows platform, promising a huge speed increase over the default Microsoft app. It’s available right now as a

Firefox Quantum Launches

Firefox Quantum, the latest version of the Mozilla browser, is here. Not only is it faster and lighter, with noticeably smoother overall operations, and comes with a new logo, it also messes up extensions. Expected. The developer

Best Antivirus For Windows 10 Home Users Revealed

Here’s your daily dose of irony! German institute AV-TEST has revealed its latest antivirus test involving a total of 18 security suites, revealing the best Windows antivirus in the process. The endurance test was conducted for six

Supercharge Your Windows 10 With TweakPower

There’s no shortage of system tweaking utilities available for Windows, and many have been updated to become compatible with Windows 10. TweakPower, is the new kid on the block, still in beta. And is particularly adept at

Download The Official Twitch App For Windows 10

Months of experiments and beta testing have led to this moment. The moment when the official Twitch app for Windows 10 has been made available for download. It’s a desktop client, designed for both the Windows and

Who Needs Windows Defender When You Have This Free Antivirus

That is, if you’re a consumer. Windows Defender has improved by leaps and bounds these last couple of years, particularly on Windows 10. So much so that it can be deemed enough for some people. People who

Looks Like Firefox Is Getting A New Logo

Flatter, fresher, yet familiar? Some details about the new logo included in Firefox 57, which is currently in the Nightly branch, has surfaced, signaling a change in the look and feel of the popular web browser. Along

BiglyBT is Probably The Best Torrent Client Ever

If BiglyBT isn’t the best then, it’s mighty close. What with its open source nature, lack of bloats, and being free of ads. Even the name is funky. BiglyBT, developed by former Vuze developers, has just marked

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Pro Available For Free In Giveaway

Can’t beat the holiday season when it comes to discounts, savings and giveaways. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Pro, which usually retails for $39.95 is currently available for download, absolutely free. Partition management tools like this have come a