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30 Days with Surface Pro: Day 20

Microsoft announced today that it will offer a free Touch or Type cover along with the Surface RT for a limited time. That seems like a conveniently appropriate time to finish posting the 30 Days with Surface

New Details Of Iconia W3 Leaked Via Acer’s Finland Website

The Acer Iconia W3 tablet, set for release early next month is one of the most anticipated Windows 8 hardware at the moment, and we have seen several details pop up these past few weeks that shed

Dell XPS 10 Gets A Price Cut, Now Available For $300

The trend of price cuts on Windows RT tablets continues. It was just a month or so ago that a number of tablets running Microsoft’s version of Windows for ARM received price drops. And now Dell has

Tablet Display Panel Vendors Pushing For A Price Increase

With the way tablets are all poised to take over the computing world, supply issues regarding key components for these devices always loom as a very valid threat. And this is particularly true for the display panels

AMD: Hybrid Tablets Will Be The Only Tablets On The Market By 2016

A sweeping statement from the chip maker, but the change in tune is to be expected considering the way tablets have factored in the overall decline of notebook demand. Slates, as impressive as they are, make do

More Rumors Point To New HTC Windows RT Tablets

HTC already enjoys a distinct partnership with Microsoft, thanks to its Windows Phone devices. But speculation of a Windows RT slate from the hardware maker has been growing for some time now. The rumors last popped up

Asus Confirms Plans For Smaller Windows 8 Tablets, Priced Below $300

Asus may not have been the most vocal of Microsoft partners (that infamous distinction actually goes to Acer), but the company has brought a number of Windows 8 devices in the past few months. The hardware maker

8.1-Inch Acer Tablet Briefly Shows Up On Amazon

In one of the more interesting twists in the Windows 8 story, we finally got some more details on the 8.1-inch Acer Windows 8 tablet by the name of Iconia W3, when the device showed up on

New Surface Tablet Said To Sport A 7.5-Inch Display, Retail For Under $399

The imminent release of Surface tablets in most major markets around the globe means that Microsoft has sorted out the production issues and is now saturating the store shelves with its tablets. All eyes are now on

IDC Says Microsoft Sold 900,000 Surface Tablets In The First Quarter

Microsoft is yet to official reveal the sales figures for its Surface tablets, and this has led to a number of analysts throwing around some very varying estimates. Previous reports pointed to from as low as a