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Microsoft Releases A Short Documentary About The Windows XP Bliss Wallpaper

The most popular photo in the world is not some painting or a historical shot. It is what billions have seen, and millions will continue…


Here Is The Video That Shows The Returning Start Menu In Action

One of the bigger news stories, at least in the world of computing technology, was the official confirmation that Microsoft would be bringing back the…


Microsoft Introduces Windows 8.1 Update In New Video

Windows 8.1 Update took flight yesterday, and this latest refresh of the Windows operating system is now being downloaded by consumers the world over. Many…


Mary Jo Foley’s interview with Steve Ballmer

I’m a big fan of Mary Jo Foley. I think she is one of the best technology reporters out there and does excellent work very consistently. I…


New Commercial Shows How Windows 8.1 Is At Home In Tight Spaces, Watch Here

Windows 8.1 is now out in the wild, and with the yearend shopping season fast approaching Microsoft is slowly looking to ramp up the marketing…

Surface Pro 2 doctors

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet – perfect for companies? Videos

More promotional videos from Microsoft, this time showing off the Surface Pro 2 tablet. They are showcasing the business features of the tablet and it seems…

Surface 2 Students

Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet – perfect for college students? Videos

Microsoft have released some promotional videos showing the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet being used by students. The videos are pretty interesting.. What do you think?

Austin Gates and Dr. Ballmer

Funny Microsoft internal spoof video with Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates

So these guys do have a sense of humor. This is a funny internal video from Microsoft showing Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer horsing around as…

Windows 8.1 start screen

Windows 8.1 hands on preview video from WinBeta

The good folks at Winbeta took a hands on approach and made a video showing about 20 minutes of video from the upcoming Windows 8…

windows RT 81

New Windows RT 8.1 preview video from WinBeta

Windows RT 8.1 leaked a little while ago and the folks from Winbeta did a rough test drive. Some of their observations: Changes between RT 8.1 and…