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Windows Phone Has A Chance At The Low End, Believes Alcatel

Even the most proper Windows Phone fan will agree that the platform has stagnated a bit at the high end side of the market. We’ve not had a true flagship launch in a while. Some innovation was

Windows Phone On Track To Double Its Market Share By 2018

Forecasts. There may be such a thing as predicting too deep into the future. But the smartphone world is not all that susceptible to these follies, what with both the iOS and Android platform having matured. That

Windows Phone Really Slows Down In China And United States

They said that China and the United States were the two most important markets. They also said that these were the countries Windows Phone really had to conquer to gain some admiration. And sadly these two are

Microsoft believes that millions of employees will soon adopt Windows Phone

The Windows Phone platform is now snuggly sitting in third place in the mobile world. But for Microsoft that is a bare minimum. And although the company has switched places with BlackBerry, it is yet to really

Leaked Image Shows The First Prestigio Windows Phone Handset

Microsoft announced a handful of new handset makers at BUILD 2014, pun and all. Most of them cater to the budget and affordable side of the market, in a number of crucial corners of the globe. One

Windows Phone Poised To Overtake iOS In Belgium Soon

Recent numbers from ABI Research have confirmed that despite growing sales, Windows Phone still has around 3 percent of the global market share around the world. But there is no doubt that Microsoft’s platform is quickly attracting

Windows Phone Grows 119% Year On Year In Q1 2014

Another confirmation of success! ABI Research have verified that Microsoft’s mobile operating platform has continued its trajectory of growth on the mobile market, at a steady, if slow pace. The research firm says that the platform grew

Windows Phone Outselling iOS In 24 Countries, Survey Reveals

Google Android is the undisputed number one platform when it comes to mobile, with many pegging Apple iOS as still the second most popular OS the world over. For good reasons, surely. But Windows Phone has been

VLC Mobile Remote Launches On The Windows Phone Store

The technology world’s equivalent of the old question, what came first, the egg or the chicken finally has an answer. VideoLAN have released VLC Mobile Remote for Windows Phone, ahead of the release of the official media

Android Remains The Most Targeted Mobile OS, No Malware On Windows Phone

Some believe that Android is the new Windows. One trait that Android seems to have obtained from earlier versions of Windows is lax security. Most mobile malware is still targeted at Android. This has been revealed in