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Surface Pro 3 Limited WiFi Connectivity Issue Fixed, Or Is It?

As Microsoft promised on Patch Tuesday, a new fix for Surface Pro 3 tablets has been rolled out, aiming to fix the limited WiFi connectivity issue that is affecting many units. Surface Pro 3 owners can grab

European Commission Initiates Antitrust Probe Against Google

The long arms of the law? The European Commission is once again breathing on Google’s tail, and this time the antitrust body is investigating the company’s Android contracts. Yeah, the ones it has with phone makers. Unnamed

Office 365 Subscribers Start Getting 1 TB Space On OneDrive

A gratifying moment for Microsoft, surely. The company has delivered on its promise of offering an amazing 1 TB of storage for each Office 365 Home and Personal customer. At no additional cost, of course. And the

First Android One Handsets Launching In October For $100

Good news for Microsoft? Well, more competition never hurt anybody. Majorly, at least. At the Google I/O conference last month, the company announced its new Android One initiative. Which is, essentially a way to bring high quality,

Lenovo Says American Users Not Interested In Small Windows Tablets

One of Microsoft’s leading hardware partners, Lenovo, has announced that it will be ending sales of its small tablet lineup in the United States, the reason being lack of demand for such models. Instead, the company will

Nokia Asha And Series 40 Axed, Windows Phone Now The Sole Focus

The more news that is coming up about this latest reorganization at Microsoft, the more it is becoming clear that these changes are as much about streamlining, as they are about consolidation. Redmond is not just cutting

Bing Starts Accepting Right To Be Forgotten Requests

Starting today, Microsoft is taking in the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ requests from Europe, and users that want their names removed from search results in Bing can do so with the help of an online form. The

Java Support For Windows XP To Continue, Oracle Confirms

For once, the rumors were untrue. I kid, I kid. So this is how it went. Reports started flying off a few days back that Windows XP was about to lose the support of an important element.

Free Group Video Calling Now Available On Skype For Windows 8.1

The feature has been available on standard desktop programs since April, but Microsoft have just rolled out free group video calling for the modern Skype app on Windows 8.1. An updated version of the Metro client is

The Secret Behind Google’s Success Is Marketing, Quips Nadella

The prestigious Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 kicked off yesterday in Washington, and in case you have been wondering, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did not take part in the event. Instead he attended Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference to