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LG Tab Book Duo Windows 8.1 Hybrid Is Now Official

And it brings with it’s a lot of surprises. First off, the LG Tab Book Duo is a rather unexpected launch, in that the company has been rather silent when it comes to tablets in recent times.

Lenovo Set To Overtake Samsung In Mobile Shipments

Things just keep on getting from bad to worse for Samsung. While LG is matching their every move in the consumer electronics segment, they are also losing their hold in the mobile arena. And now you can

Fingerprint Sensors On Laptops Set For A Revolution

While fingerprint sensors on laptops were available long before the iPhone 5S popularized the concept, their adoption never really took off on these portable computers. Sure, many flagship smartphones now come with this functionality, allowing owners of

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gets A New Design Refresh

Microsoft’s longtime partners is making some moves on the Windows hardware front. The popular Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series is the company’s line of consumer friendly notebooks. Which is to say, these are relatively affordable models —

Samsung Gives Up On Windows Laptops In Europe

So much for peace talks! Samsung is ending sales of Windows based laptops in Europe. Chromebooks too, but the remarkable thing here is just how quickly Samsung drops out from markets. Instead of, you know, putting up

HP Pavilion 10z Laptop With AMD Mullins Launches For $250

It is rather amusing that both HP and AMD have been left out of the mobile game. While Intel and others are making steady progress, both these companies leave much to be desired. However, on the PC

Acer Aspire E11 And V11 Fanless Laptops Now Available For $250

Some new moves from Acer, after all. The company has been slow to react on the Windows front lately, but with the Back to School season approaching, a bunch of new Acer models have been announced. The

Intel Said To Be Working On Kill Switches For Laptops

Well, having more options never killed anybody, so why not? Computing security has become the topmost concern for many users, particularly for those that rely on mobile devices. No one wants to see personal, family or business

ASUS Zenbook NX500 Goes Official With Impressive 4K Display

The search for the best display on a laptop, and by that extension even on a PC, could well come to end with the ASUS Zenbook NX500. This new flagship ultrabook was officially unveiled at Computex 2014

Compal receives prestigious IF Design Award, innovative hardware incoming?

If you are out of the loop, Compal is one of the most important OEMs around. The company handles production of notebooks (among others) for some of the biggest brand vendors. You know, companies like Acer, Dell,