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Steven Sinofsky Now Working As An Advisor For Cloud Storage Startup Box

I guess we can now safely strike off one name of the list. No many, if any, believed Steven Sinofsky could return back to lead Microsoft after the retirement of Steve Ballmer. And now we can be

Steven Sinofsky Will Receive A $14.2 Million Retirement Package

Steven Sinofsky may have exited Microsoft without a sound last year, but the former high-profile executive has been regularly in the news ever since. Reports started to pop up occasionally about the reasons behind his exit, along

Steven Sinofsky Again Defends Windows 8, Says He Is Happy With Sales

It has been a while since we have heard from Steven Sinofsky, the former Windows boss who decided to part ways with Microsoft soon after the launch of Windows 8, the company’s newest operating system he helped

Steven Sinofsky talks about “managing through disagreement”

This is a good one for therapists and psychologists in training. In a post that will no doubt be scrutinized in coming days, former Windows chief Steven Sinofsky put together a VERY comprehensive post on the practice

Sinofsky Explains Why He Made The Switch To Apple Devices

Steven Sinofsky recently posted a tweet using a — wait for it — iPhone. While he is free to do so from any device, even moon rock, if he can, but some circles in the technology industry

Microsoft’s Susan Rice Problem: Who will defend Windows 8?

A few months ago, the Obama administration did something that quite frankly was pretty shameful. They let word leak that they were considering Susan Rice for the Secretary of State position and then they let her dangle

Steven Sinofsky offers a “trip report” about CES 2013

Former Windows Head Steven Sinofsky updated his blog with a disturbingly detailed recounting of CES 2013. Ironically, if you didn’t attend CES this year, this blog post actually does a great job in giving you the highlights

Professor Sinofsky Launches A Blog

The man may have left the party, but not the news. Last month Steven Sinofsky announced on his Twitter account that he would start teaching at Harvard Business School in Massachusetts this spring. He has now created

Steven Sinofsky headed to Harvard University

Real interesting. Former Windows and Windows Live president Steven Sinofsky abruptly left Microsoft but now we know his next move. Sinofsky tweeted that he will be teaching at the Harvard Business School this spring. Excited to return

My Open Letter to Julie Larson-Green: 4 simple changes you need to make to "fix" Windows 8

Mrs. Larson-Green, As we all know, Steven Sinofsky is gone. The torch has officially been passed from Mr. Sinofsky to you, Steve Ballmer and Tami Reller. As a Microsoft Corporate Vice President, responsible for Program Management of