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Windows 8.1 Support Ends Today, Update Is Now A Mandatory Install

Fragmentation is the bane of the software industry, and as the largest producer of computer software on the planet, Microsoft knows this fact full well. Windows XP is example enough. And in order to prevent further divisions

Microsoft Extends Installation Deadline Of Windows 8.1 Update

It had to happen. And it did. Microsoft have just announced that users have one more month to install Windows 8.1 Update on their computers, and the deadline has been officially extended. That means, the date goes

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 8.1 Update Patch To Fix Installation Errors

On the whole, the first ever update to Windows 8.1 has been a rouging success. It has been well received by the community, liked by the reviewers, and profoundly deployed. Still, there are some users that have

Only 7 Days Left For Users To Install Windows 8.1 Update

Time for a little public service announcement! If you are, for some reason, yet to deploy Windows 8.1 Update on your computers, then you have round about 7 days left to do so. That is, if you

Business Users Get A Reprieve From Installing Windows 8.1 Update

At least, for a few good months. Historically, Microsoft has had a pretty lax policy when it comes to installing and deploying updates to its software products. Pretty lax. Meaning users could continue on using the applications

Microsoft: We Value The Desktop, It Is The Core Of Windows

A leisurely stroll is a gift, but when you stray too far away voices will be raised. This is what happened with Windows 8 as the technology industry felt that Redmond had forsaken the desktop and gone

Need To Uninstall Windows 8.1 Update? Here Is How

Downloaded and installed Windows 8.1 Update? Liking it? Loving it? However if you, for some reason, want to uninstall this feature pack for Microsoft’s operating system there are a couple of ways to go about it. You

Microsoft Introduces Windows 8.1 Update In New Video

Windows 8.1 Update took flight yesterday, and this latest refresh of the Windows operating system is now being downloaded by consumers the world over. Many have already deployed it. But if you downloaded it from the official

Windows 8.1 Update Officially Released, Download Links Available

Bang on target, Microsoft has gone in and made Windows 8.1 Update available for download. The anticipated feature pack will also arrive via Windows Update later in the day. But if you cannot wait, then these official

Windows 8.1 Update Is A Mandatory Install For Windows 8.1 Users

Some seven or so months back, Windows 8.1 was released as free update to all Windows 8 users. It was, however, not a mandatory install, and as is evident from the market share numbers, a substantial number