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Windows 8 Lifestyle – CHIP

Beschreibung Die CHIP App liefert stets aktuelle Soft- und Hardware-News zu Handys, Smartphones, Digitalkameras, Tablet-PCs, Computern und Ultrabooks – und selbstverständlich auch zu Downloads und Apps. Zudem finden Sie hier detaillierte Informationen und technische Daten zu über

Windows 8 Lifestyle – Think

Description A app for receive random quotes from real life, movies, comics and songs and display in your Start Screen. It will make you think about life, politics and another topics. There are over 300 unique quotes

Windows 8 Lifestyle – Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Turkey

Description With Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Windows 8 Application, all information about Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is at your fingertips. Amarok, Crafter, Transporter, Caravelle and Caddy. You can get all the technical details about these vehicles. In the mean

Windows 8 Lifestyle – KITCHBI

Description Kitchbi vous permet d’organiser votre vie de famille et de partager les meilleurs moments avec vos proches. Kitchbi rassemble les post-its, papiers, pense-bêtes, brouillons, liste des courses, etc. qui collent à la porte de votre réfrigérateur.

Windows 8 Lifestyle – 楽天レシピ

Description “楽天が運営するレシピサイト、楽天レシピの公式アプリ(無料)が登場しました。 あなたのクッキングライフを支援する楽天レシピ アプリです 毎日1000件以上投稿されるレシピを見ることができます。 材料、料理名で検索することができます。 カテゴリーから目的のあったレシピが検索できます。 Features 毎日1000件以上投稿されるレシピを見ることができます 材料、料理名で検索することができます Link to: 楽天レシピ Cost:  Free Category:  Lifestyle Age Rating:  12+ Developer:  楽天株式会社

Window 8 Lifestyle – TuMetro

Description TuMetro – The Semantic News Reader. TuMetro is a reader designed to help you comprehensively browse information in a semantic fashion and promptly get a glimpse of what is happening around the world. In particular, TuMetro

Windows 8 Lifestyle – Auction King (Hong Kong) 拍賣王 (香港)

Description Auction King (Hong Kong) is a auction system showing listing of currently hottest auction products. Auction information such as Bidding price, expired date, number of bids are shown in this application. Users can search for the

Windows 8 Lifestyle – Journal

Description Take your diary to the next level. It’s the App you’ve always wanted and now it’s here. Be one of the first to get your hands on this new and exciting offering from LifeScribe! Features Manage

Windows 8 Lifestyle – Jewish Calendar

Description This application provides a free full featured Hebrew calendar with zmanim for your location. Features Full calendar with all the Jewish events appearing. Shabbat, Yom Tov and feast begin/end hours. Parasha name. Agenda for the next

Windows 8 Lifestyle –

Description Das Immobilienportal ist mit monatlich bis zu 3,5 Millionen Besuchern (comScore Media Metrix) und bis zu 1,2 Millionen Immobilienangeboten pro Monat eines der meistbesuchten Immobilienportale. Mit der Windows 8 App von verpassen Sie keine