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Several Windows RT Tablets Get Price Cuts

No, no, Surface RT is not included in this list. But apart from Microsoft’s flagship tablet, several other hardware makers have cut recently prices on Windows RT tablets. Surface RT was the first tablet to launch late

Firefox Metro Development Picks Up Pace

The Metro (or Modern UI) version of Firefox has been under development for a while now, but it has just crossed some important milestones as it nears release. In fact, Mozilla has announced that new iterations of

Microsoft Promises Continued Updates For Surface Tablets

The Surface lineup of tablets was Microsoft’s first major foray into the hardware realm. Sure, the company had several successful hardware devices to its name before it, but most were accessories and auxiliaries. Surface RT and then

Microsoft: Give Windows RT More Time

Redmond has been having a bit of a sizzle as far as Windows RT is concerned. And I don’t mean sizzle here in a good way. OEMS have been jumping away from the operating system, sales of

Surface RT Goes On Sale In New Zealand And Japan

While the Surface Pro has taken up the spotlight as far as tablet from Redmond are concerned, Microsoft is slowly adding more markets where buyers can get their hands on the Surface RT. Earlier today the company’s

Analyst: Windows RT Very Likely To Bite The Dust

Windows RT, Microsoft answer to a consumer tablet platform is often criticized for its lack of support for legacy Windows applications. Unless consumer interest takes a positive turn, one analyst believes the operating system is destined for

Microsoft Planning Major Updates To Its Apps Ahead Of Windows Blue Debut

Those of you already on the Windows 8 bandwagon most definitely know that Microsoft has created several Windows 8 apps in-house and made them available for its new operating system. All of them make use of the

Samsung cancels Windows RT tablets in parts of Europe

So, is Windows RT going nowhere? Samsung may seem to think so. Samsung has confirmed that it no longer plans to offer its Windows RT tablet, the ATIV Tab, in Germany and some “other European countries.” Apparently, they surveyed

Windows RT Will Improve With ARM, Says ARM CEO

It goes without saying that the ARM version of Windows 8 is a few leagues behind its x86 counterpart, but the CEO of the ARM believes that the Windows RT platform will only get better with time.

Windows Azure-based Talking Tiles Provides Windows 8 Assistive Communication App

Windows Store continues to dramatically increase its number of apps. Many of these apps are games, productivity, organization and gaming programs. Every once in a while though, Windows Store will bring us something truly unique, and that’s