Windows 8 Social Applications Archive

Windows 8 Social – RESAAS Application

Description RESAAS is an enterprise social network for real estate professionals, mortgage specialists, home buyers and sellers to connect and communicate in real time. Download the RESAAS app for Windows 8 to ask your real estate related

Windows 8 Social – Beansight

Description Beansight lets you share your ideas about the future and prove your expertise in your favorite topics. This application comes as a complement to the web application Features See all ideas about the future Search

Windows 8 Social – Askalll

Description Answer to multiple-choice questions and discover what others think at a glance! The affinity computing system based on all members’ answers reinvents the way of meeting new people with whom you have greatest chance to get

Windows 8 Social – Tweaker

Description Tweaker the Tweet Speaker allows you to passively listen to and watch tweet and photo activity from Twitter. While the “Tweaker” speaks Twitter activity it displays text and image content on lively animated tiles. Tweaker speaks

Windows 8 Social – UmShun

Description UmShun is a delightfully competitive multi-player um-word-counting diversion. Play against friends and other attendees at any conference or presentation. Get the most points by being the first to press the correct button each time the speaker

Windows 8 Social – TLVstagram

Description This Social App gives you a colorful live collection of photos coming from the Instagram* network in real-time. The photos are grouped by their #tags, for example- pictures from #Telaviv #London & #Newyork This is only

Windows 8 Social – Loclville

Description Let your voice be heard. Make something happen. Find like-minded people. Seek help among your neighbors. A community board that belongs to you, Loclville is the new old-fashioned way to interact. With a maximum radius of

Windows 8 Social – Alpha

Description Alpha is a Omegle client which is a great way of meeting new friends. It is a one-on-one chat with a randomly picked stranger. Chats are completely anonymous, and you can disconnect whenever you like, although

Windows 8 Social – MSMVPs Blog Reader

Description Microsoft MVPs are known for their contributions to technical communities. Many MVPs maintain blogs at These blogs encompass many Microsoft technologies. MSMVP’s Blog Reader aggregates recent posts from a large selection of blogs and presents

Windows 8 Social – glƏƏk!

Description Get the coolest, fastest Twitter app for Windows 8! You will now be notified if Twitter is unhappy with your Time Zone or date/time settings, relieving frustration for fans who didn’t understand why they were getting