Windows 8 Wallpaper Archive

Beautiful new picture shows the new Samsung Windows 8 ATIV Branded Family

(Click to enlarge) This picure just got Tweeted from the Microsoft Windows Twitter account. It shows a group of Samsung ATIV branded products and I can’t lie, I think they look GORGEOUS. What do you think?

Windows 8 RTM Start Screen backgrounds

More leaks and information about the Windows 8 RTM. Posted below are the background options for for the new start screen in Windows 8. There are a lot of beautiful and unique patterns and the background can

Leaked images of Windows Server 2012 hit the web

(Allegedly) Russian leaker WZOR has posted images of Windows Server 2012 onto the web. As we said, this is the leaker who released the Server Operating System onto the web hours ago. Here are some of the

Windows 8 RTM Wallpapers have leaked as well

It seems that the Windows 8 RTM wallpapers have leaked as well. They are now on the web and look pretty stunning (so they say). We are not leaking to any sources of illegal downloads. Sorry.

Even more new Windows 8 RTM images – the leaks have begun

The floodgates are about to open. More online images have surfaced (pun intended) of Windows 8 Enterprise N. This is build 9200 and seems to be the genuine RTM. In addition, I spoke about leaks earlier on

New Windows 8 RTM Wallpaper from Winunleaked

This is interesting for all you guys and girls who dig Windows 8 wallpapers. A new Windows 8 RTM wallpaper from Canouna on

Windows 8 build 9200 strongly rumored to be the final RTM build

Both Windows 8 China and are speculating that Windows 8 RTM has begun and the final build string will be 9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247. For a list of builds, see our earlier post here. It is widely expected that sometime

Windows 8 RTM alleged default wallpaper hits the web

This is allegedly the new default wallpaper that you will see in Windows 8 RTM. This is a rumor. It looks pretty cool though and I have it on my desktop right now. You can download the

New Windows 8 wallpapers and Metro Screenshots is reporting that there are a bunch of new Windows 8 screenshots that are different from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. There are obviously some new wallpapers but they also show slight differences in the tile structure in

Well this is embarrassing, a Windows 8 desktop concept that’s a little too impressive?

*Sigh* So this is a case of very bad timing.. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is coming out really soon and we’re getting ready to install it on tablets and start the rejoicing and then…this. A user