I thought I might share a great infographic with you about the new features in Windows 8.  This comes from the excellent website, windows8update.com. Enjoy!

Tami Reller, Chief Marketing Officer of Windows, gives a preview of Windows 8 during the Microsoft keynote at CES 2012. What are your first impressions of Windows 8? Microsoft’s App Store will open in late February 2013. How will the store fare in relation to Apple’s and Google’s stores?

Now that Windows 8 development is done, it seems like Microsoft may be turning their attention to Windows 9. My buddy Stephen Chapman turned up some very interesting news on his site MSFTkitchen. The quote: Yes, it appears the code name for the next version of Windows is, indeed, Windows 9. And my source for this...

We’re not sure what Windows 9 will bring but our sister site Windows8update.com has put together a pretty sweet infographic that shows some of the new features that are coming in Windows 8. This is very informative.