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Windows 9 – a comprehensive overview

Because I get asked by friends and family all the time – what is Windows 9?, I thought it would be fun to document everything we know about Microsoft’s next Operating System in one place, on one

The Windows 8 jig is up – It’s Windows Vista 2 and Microsoft are looking forward to Windows 9

Paul Thurrott today confirmed what this blog has been saying for the past 18 months – Windows 8 has fundamentally been a massive failure. In a post today, he outlined the fact that Microsoft are trying to

IS it time to look past Windows 8 to Windows 9?

OK I’m not really trying to start some sh*t here but it’s a valid question that people are starting to ask me. I’m starting to get the glazed look in the eyes when I ask about Windows

Microsoft mention Windows 9 in a job ad for a Bing Software Development Engineer

Yet another spotting of Windows 9 and this time in an ad designed, created and executed by Microsoft. This one is interesting. Here’s what it says: We utilize cutting edge technologies across the stack from Bing metro

Windows Phone 9 is mentioned for the first time – kind of

My buddy at MSFT Kitchen unearthed a Linkedin listing from a Microsoft employee that indirectly mentions Windows 9. You can see the listing below. It’s interesting to note that the person does not say Windows Phone 9

Windows Phone 9 and Windows 9 Mentioned in Job Listings and More

Windows Blue is where almost all the next-generation Windows focus is at. While Windows Blue isn’t officially confirmed, there have been job postings and other information that pretty much spill the beans. What about Windows 9? We

Windows Blue: What Do We Know So Far?

Since we first started hearing about Windows Blue, the news about what it is and what to except has changed significantly. At one point it was believed that Windows Blue would essentially be “Windows 9” and that

Windows Build 9347 screenshot – allegedly

Blue, Windows 9, who the hell knows anymore. A new forum post from a person who goes by the handle “rav.a”, shows a build number for Windows Blue. Allegedly, development is now at 9347, compared to the

What I Want From Windows 9: quick data sharing, scalability, compatibility and cloud connectivity

In a new video from Microsoft, the company gave us a “future look” at the world of touchscreens and how they will evolve over the next 5-10 years. While many times these grandiose visions from Microsoft never

New screenshots show Windows Blue build 9319 and Internet Explorer 11?

There have been more screenshots of Windows Blue revealed lately. Specifically the screenshot above showing what could be Build 9319. At this point, it’s important to remember that we have no idea if this is Blue or