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Microsoft Pulls A Fast One, Announces Windows 10

There’s a time for surprises, I guess. And for Microsoft, it was time. The software titan officially announced Windows 10 as the next version of its flagship operating platform. Windows 9 might have been logical nomenclature, but

Windows 9 Screenshots Leaked, Gallery

The technical preview of the upcoming operating system is still a couple of weeks away, but some Windows 9 screenshots leaked out earlier today, a whole bunch of them. The images show several features of the upcoming

This Windows 9 Concept Brings Gloss To The Modern UI

Even with a steady amount of leaks concerning the next version of Windows, the UI of the operating system is still a mystery. This Windows 9 concept tries to nudge us towards a dreamy looking design. Several

Windows 9 Free For Windows 8 Users? Could Be

Several sources have weighed in on how Microsoft will release their next operating system. Making Windows 9 free for Windows 8 users is a notion that has been thrown around a lot. And now an esteemed Russian

Microsoft To Provide New Windows 9 Details On September 30

We have a date, folks. Microsoft is expected to provide new Windows 9 details on September 30 at a press event, and the beta preview of this upcoming OS could be out by then. Read up on

Leaked Screenshot Shows Windows 9 Build 9788

And nothing has changed much, folks. Sure this is a very early version of the operating system, but we now have bit of a substantiation that build 9788 has been compiled. This screenshot that leaked over the

Here Are Some More Details About The Windows 9 Activation System

Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO, said not too long ago that 9 out of 10 copies of Windows in China were pirated. And it seems it is this statistic that has compelled Microsoft to design a

Windows 9 – a comprehensive overview

Because I get asked by friends and family all the time – what is Windows 9?, I thought it would be fun to document everything we know about Microsoft’s next Operating System in one place, on one

Fiery Windows 9 Rumors Talk About Pricing, Metro, And Launch

Microsoft may not be ready to provide us with any substantial details about Windows 9, but unofficial sources have started to step up now that development on the upcoming OS is underway. These leaked details are courtesy

Cortana For Windows Officially Confirmed

Microsoft’s digital voice assistant was introduced on Windows Phone 8.1 back in early April, and since then the company has been working hard to refine the service and launch it globally. On mobile. But an appearance on