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Another Microsoft Store Opening Up In Burlington, Massachusetts

While Microsoft seemingly has increased its focus on international markets when it comes to its retail outlets, the technology titan continues its aggressive policy of opening new Microsoft Stores across various locations in the United States. The

Second Half Of 2013 May Turn Out To Be Rather Slow For Touchscreen Makers

It is no secret that Microsoft wants to see a notable increase in touchscreen capable devices that can be powered by its Windows 8 platform. But the technology titan may have to settle for tablets, as things

HP And Toshiba Gear Up To Release High Resolution Notebooks

Ah, the winds of change. Computer displays have been stuck in third gear for far too long, and worse yet, displays on notebooks took even took things a gear down, leaving technology enthusiasts in sheer bewilderment. Forget

New Energy Efficient Intel Haswell Chips Coming This Year

Intel has recently made its anticipated Haswell lineup of processors official, with units now shipping across the globe. However, a pesky little USB hardware bug has delayed the refresh of its desktop motherboard refresh. But that is

Lenovo Rumored To Launch A 1080p, Quad-Core Windows Phone This Year

An overwhelming portion of the success of the Windows Phone platform can be attributed to two companies, Microsoft and Nokia. While there are other hardware vendors in the mix, not to mention app developers, but it has

Nokia Lumia 625 Officially Unveiled, Sports A Super-Sensitive 4.7-Inch Screen

The rumor mill has been churning out bits and pieces of information about a new Nokia Lumia device this past week or so, and today the Finnish telecommunication giant made official a new smartphone in its Lumia

Microsoft Unveils A Modern Version Of Its Support Forums

Microsoft’s community support forums make up an important part of the company’s products and services, with an increasingly large number of users turning to the forums for help and updates on any problems they encounter. And just

Watch Microsoft’s Efforts To Unify Web Experiences With New IE Project

It goes without saying that Internet Explorer, in particularly IE 11, represents a cornerstone of Microsoft. The company’s flagship browser, along with its operating systems, forms the very basis of the company’s strategy for the future. Redmond

Acer Rumored To Launch A New Version Of The Iconia W3 With An IPS Display

While other hardware vendors had been waiting for the release of Windows 8.1, with its support for smaller form factor devices, Acer was rather quick to jump in with a smaller Windows 8 tablet. The recently released

Gartner: The Death Of Windows XP Could Boost Up The PC Industry

Microsoft will soon stop releasing security updates and patches for Windows XP, and though the news of the retirement may seem like dire news for those that still depend on the old OS, analysts believe that there