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Facebook App For Windows Phone 7.8 Users Updated To Version 5

Wonder what’s taking Facebook to code up official apps for the Windows Phone platform, which in reality is a bit older and a bit more widespread than the Windows 8 and RT show. While vanilla Windows 8

Windows Phone 7.8 And 8 To Be Supported Until Mid Of 2014

You may well be aware that mainstream support for Windows 8 is set to end on January 9, 2018. And even though Microsoft is yet to reveal the date when it plans on ending support for Windows

Here Is The Changelog For Windows Phone 7.8

The Windows Phone 7.8 party picked up steam earlier this week when Nokia announced that it was rolling out updates for its Lumia 610, 710, 800 and 900 smartphones. Other vendors soon followed. All that was left

Nokia Begins Windows Phone 7.8 Rollout For Lumia Devices

Pop on schedule, Nokia has announced that it is kicking off the rollout of the anticipated Windows Phone 7.8 update for its Lumia line of smartphones. Reportedly, Microsoft is also set to make a similar announcement soon.

Windows Phone 7.8 SDK Released, OS Update Set To Arrive Soon

As was widely expected, Microsoft has just released the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK for developers to get an idea of how their apps will look on the updated mobile operating system. If things go according to plan

Windows Phone 7.8 is almost here

Windows Phone 8 might be the main focus in the Windows smartphone world but let’s not forget about Windows Phone 7.8. For those of you who jumped head first into the world of Windows Phone, it was

Windows Phone 8 is coming

On Wednesday at the Windows Phone Summit Microsoft unveiled Windows phone 8. If before you didn’t see Microsoft’s vision for the Windows platform, you should see it now. Let me highlight some of the keypoints of Windows

The Windows Phone 7.8 Start Screen on a Nokia Lumia 900 (Video)

During the Windows Phone Summit, Microsoft announced that the existing Windows phones will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 instead they will get an update to Windows Phone7.8. Here are some images of how Windows Phone 7.8 will