Windows Phone 8


Microsoft All Set To Increase Focus On Entry Level Smartphones

Redmond’s mobile operating system has been rocking and rolling recently. The company has a pretty good thing going for its Windows Phone 8 platform, and…


Nokia Storyteller App Revealed Via Leaked Screenshot

Finnish telecom giant Nokia is widely expected to make official a new Windows Phone 8 powered phablet, the large screen Lumia 1520 that also goes…

Alan Mulally MSFT CEO candidate

Microsoft Desperately Needs Someone Like Alan Mulally As It’s Next CEO

I woke up a few days ago and saw that Ford (F) CEO Allan Mulally may be firmly in the running to be…


Week In Review (Sep 23 – Sep 27)

It goes without saying that the second generation Surface tablets had the whole week to their name. From the Monday unveiling to the Friday news…


Delta Airplane Pilots Will Soon Use Microsoft Surface 2

Redmond unveiled its second generation lineup of Surface tablets at the start of this week, and before the week way out signed it first major…

Alan Mulally MSFT CEO candidate

Alan Mulally Of Ford Now The Leading Candidate For Microsoft CEO Seat

Microsoft’s shortlist for potential successors for Steve Ballmer seems to be getting shorter. Word is that Ford CEO Alan Mulally has now become the leading…


Nokia Said To Be Preparing Six New Devices For Nokia World Event

The anticipated Nokia World event is almost a month away, but rumors about what will be on show at the event are already spiraling out…


Has Dell Finally Said Goodbye To Windows RT?

It had to come to this. The winds of change have been blowing strong for many a months now, and with pretty much all major…


Nokia Now Accounts For 88% Of All Windows Phone 8 Handsets

AdDuplex just released another of its regular reports providing us with a glimpse of how Microsoft’s mobile platform is evolving. And Nokia is running riot…

Greedy capitalist pig

I told ya! Elop should not be taking that much money for sacrificing Nokia!

So I knew I wasn’t crazy! A few days ago I expressed my outrage about the fact that former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was…