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You Can Ask For More Features Than In Windows 10 Mobile Build 15237

Suppose you can’t, if you are happy with the direction Windows 10 Mobile is going these days. The platform has been moving along at a very leisurely pace for a while now. In fact, ever since Microsoft

An Outdated Windows Phone Website Sure Can Make One Dream

The stuff that dreams are made of! Apparently, outdated websites count too, as a Windows Phone admirer found out about an archaic page that hinted at support for more phones. As in, more smartphones to be supported

Microsoft Sure Knows How To Anger Windows Phone Users

In a world of peaches, don’t ask for apple sauce! Microsoft has come under fire from angry Windows Phone users, who are once again disappointed with the lack of focus from the company on its own mobile

Grab A Seat Everybody, Windows 10 Mobile Just Got A New Feature

Just when nobody expected it, Microsoft releases a new Windows 10 Mobile feature. The software titan says that they heard the very passionate feedback from the community. Which are pretty much just hardcore users sticking around these

Memo Provides Hints About The Windows Division Following The Job Cut

Microsoft’s immense job cut announcement left everyone reeling. Particularly those 18,000 employees across various company divisions that will be heading home in the next year or so. Perhaps the most important Redmond division is the operating system

What Exactly Is This Windows Phone 8.5 Business?

While the technology world, at least the Windows Phone part of it, is salivating over the release of Windows Phone 8.1, some new hints reveal the next frontier for Microsoft’s mobile OS. Well, just the name reference

Microsoft May Completely Redesign The UI In Windows Phone 9, Says New Rumor

While Microsoft’s plans for Windows 9 could potentially take any direction, what with the announcement of Windows Threshold, development on Windows Phone 9, it seems, is coming along as originally planned. Word is that along with Windows

Windows Phone 9 Said To Be A Major New Redesign, A Complete Overhaul

When it rains, it pours. Along with polishing up Windows Phone 8 with several new enhancements, Redmond is said to be also working on Windows Phone 9, the next major release of the mobile platform. But just

Windows Phone 9 is mentioned for the first time – kind of

My buddy at MSFT Kitchen unearthed a Linkedin listing from a Microsoft employee that indirectly mentions Windows 9. You can see the listing below. It’s interesting to note that the person does not say Windows Phone 9