Windows RT 8.1


Windows RT 8.1 Suffers From A Battery Bug On Surface RT, Microsoft Issues Fix

Boy, Windows RT 8.1 sure has had a splendidly storied launch. Microsoft rolled out the new update on October 17, but had to pull it…


Where Oh Where Has The Desktop Tile Gone In Windows RT 8.1?

Microsoft seems to be slowly stepping away from the desktop, at least on Windows RT if not the core Windows 8.1 operating platform. The company…


Incomplete Firmware Caused The Faulty Windows RT 8.1 Update

Surface RT owners that missed out on the Windows RT 8.1 deal late last week can now get down to the business of downloading the…


Windows RT 8.1 Is Now Available For Download Once Again

The Windows RT 8.1 launch party encountered a few unexpected hiccups, for some users at least, leading to Microsoft pulling the update from the Windows…


Windows RT 8.1 Update Pulled From The Store, Recovery Image Launched

The second generation Surface tablets are launching tomorrow, and this has resulted in the desktop versions of Windows 8.1 hogging up all the headlines. Microsoft…

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New Windows RT 8.1 preview video from WinBeta

Windows RT 8.1 leaked a little while ago and the folks from Winbeta did a rough test drive. Some of their observations: Changes between RT 8.1 and…