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Game over for Windows RT? Intel unleashes Core M processors for tablets

End of the line for Windows RT? Now this is a line we have read many a times, in many a places. The original Surface RT was met with joyous excitement upon release, but things have been

Windows RT Is Here To Stay, Says Former Windows Boss

Microsoft’s under fire platform, Windows RT, may have been criticized by hardware vendors around the globe, with many completely outright abandoning it, but the company still stands behind it. In fact, while OEMs are creating devices powered

Qualcomm Unleashes Eight Core 64-Bit Processor For Mobile Devices

MWC 2014 is in full flow, and many of the major companies have already fired off the first shots. None so more reverberant than Qualcomm and its eight-core Snapdragon 615 chip. The high-performance 64-bit solution integrates LTE

Windows Phone And Windows Threshold May Be Offered For Free To Mobile OEMs

The in news at the moment if Windows Threshold, and what sorts of decisions Microsoft takes during development and after launch of this new initiative. The future of the Windows brand, on PCs, tablets and smartphones is

Microsoft In Talks With Samsung And Huawei For Dual Boot Devices

You will probably find Microsoft with its serious face on when talking about its Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems these days. Both platforms have decent traction behind them, but adoption from other hardware vendors is

Microsoft Reportedly Initiates Plan To Merge Windows RT And Windows Phone

Brace for impact! A grand revolution is coming to the Windows platform. Reports are coming in that Microsoft has initiated work on several notable changes for upcoming versions of its flagship OS. And prime amongst them are

Dell Officially Gives Up On Windows RT

Technology rumors have an uncanny knack of mostly holding true, but this is one case where the previous reports have been left in the dust. Dell has officially given up on Windows RT. And even though there

Has Dell Finally Said Goodbye To Windows RT?

It had to come to this. The winds of change have been blowing strong for many a months now, and with pretty much all major Microsoft hardware partners shying away from Windows RT, Dell also seems like

Leaked Versions Of Windows RT 8.1 RTM Now Available

If there is one thing Microsoft is no stranger to, it’s leaks. The maker of some of the most popular software and operating systems in the world regularly finds its products leaked on the Internet, ahead of

Lenovo Believes Windows RT Should No Longer Exist

While it has not particularly been in the spotlight these past few months, Windows RT is still on track to receive a new upgrade as part of the Windows Blue release cycle. Windows RT 8.1 is expected