Today’s the day! November 20 marks the day when Windows 1.0 found its way to the streets. Microsoft rolled out the first version of Windows in 1985.

It was the first Microsoft software that provided a multi-tasking graphical interface, as all previous solutions from the company up until that time were text based.

The OS itself wasn’t advanced in any way, with some technology circles even calling it a front-end for the MS-DOS operating system.

It was, for all intents and purposes, a 16-bit graphical operating environment. But Windows 1.0 did bring a bunch of new goodies with it – namely a clock, a calendar, calculator, and a universally loved app called Notepad, among others.

An update known as Windows 1.02 was released in May 1986, which also saw the operating system go international. Windows 2.0 became available a year later on December 9, 1986. Microsoft ended support for Windows 1.0 on December 31, 2001, which in of itself seems like another age.

Vintage times! If you are a witness to all this history, then you, my friend, have earned a pat on the back.

With all the talk about Windows 8, let us take a moment to remember the original – Windows 1.0.

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  • Wrkoutgeek

    Wow!! 20 years… It’s really amazing how far technology has evolved over the years. While I’m showing my age here; I can remember being in college and hearing a fellow geek give a report on “The Information Superhighway”. At the time I laughed at him, and now look at where we are! I couldn’t imagine being without a Windows based OS, or heaven forbid the internet.

    • Wrkoutgeek

      27 years that is!