Check Out The First Nokia Lumia 1520 Press Render

Speculation on Nokia’s first phablet have been around for an age now, but the 6-inch Lumia 1520 smartphone was said to be in existence a few weeks ago.

The Finnish telecom giant, however, has not commented on these rumors.

But the gossip has been there in full force. Earlier this week, we even got our hands on the first screenshot that was allegedly said to have been taken from the Lumia 1520. The screen grab showed the busy new Live Tile interface, confirming that the smartphone comes with a very large display.

And today we have been presented with another leak.

The first press render of the device shows the Nokia Lumia 1520 in all its shiny glory. It has just been floated up by the famous (or infamous) evleaks in a short tweet. Unfortunately, the leaked image does not come with any new details on the specifications of the smartphone.

But this is something that is sure to emerge in the coming weeks.

Microsoft recently snapped up Nokia’s devices and services division. Now whether this delays some of the smartphones that the famous handset maker intends to unveil, remains to be seen. In all probability, however, we should find out soon if the (codenamed) Bandit makes an appearance in New York.

Nokia has scheduled an event in the city on September 26, where it is expected to launch this phablet, along with a rumored Windows RT tablet.

  • Ray C

    That’s good. Companies should offer a full range of products. They have several phone models at different prices points. Now they have a phablet and a tablet on the way. That’s what they should be doing.