The recently leaked build 9471 of Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s upcoming operating system has provided us with early previews of many of the apps the software titan is planning to update.

And while there are several notable changes in many of the default, built-in Metro apps, some of the best (and most requested) improvements have been reserved for the Mail app. Microsoft did not actually add them all in in the public preview that was release back in late June.

But this newly leaked build has many of these new additions — some of which Redmond has already announced like the Power Pane, which automatically labels emails user’s inbox in different categories.

Now a new video provides us a look at these new features:

The revised UI of the app comes with an app bar, and the folders column. Additionally, Microsoft has also thrown in drag-and-drop support that will go a long way in helping users manage their inboxes. Also in is the folder pinning to quickly pin a specific directory for quick access.

And finally, the Mail app also includes options to open messages in a new window, along with better and improved integration with, Microsoft’s popular webmail service.

Users now have the ability to receive newsletters and social updates to stay up to date with their contacts on Facebook and other social networks.

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