From one small picture to a cornucopia of images, such is the wonderful world of technology! With the major development work on Windows 8.1 already behind us, all attention now shifts towards the RTM version of the operating system.

And just recently, we got our look at the first screenshot showing the RTM build.

But while that image was small, and did not show any details, this latest photo gallery shows plenty. This new set of pictures comes from China, and reveals that the some partners are already testing the RTM version of the operating system around the world right now.

What is not clear right now is whether these screenshots are from a Microsoft OEM partner, or regular users. But either way, they offer a pretty detailed look at the stable version of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system.

While the screenshots are here, there is no sign yet of an ISO. Word is that Redmond has amped up its security and prefers the general public to wait for an even more optimized version of the operating system when it hits general availability.

The company is planning to publicly launch Windows 8.1 on October 18 — Windows 8 users, however, will be able to download it for free from the Windows Store a day earlier.

In the meantime, you can take a look at these new images at the link above.

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