Cheese sells, these days, it seems. A tacky little Surface Pro 3 ad has become the best such effort from Microsoft, gathering more than 6 million views in just a span of a few days.

Ads like this come and go all the time, but this one kind of resonated with users.

And in the process, the holiday themed commercial became the second most watched clip on the official Surface channel. Only the original announcement clip that Redmond released two years back is more popular. But it is, by far, the most popular marketing video for the Surface Pro 3.

And like most such pieces, it targets the MacBook Air, showing how Microsoft’s new tablet tops the Apple notebook in nearly every way.

Yes, we’re talking about the Winter Wonderland ad that was recently released.

You can watch it below again, if you are yet to:

Considering how YouTube counts video views, there is every chance that the ad was viewed by more people than the counter shows, which is even better when you think about it.

Chances are a lot of Apple fans also viewed the clip, and this is actually the target audience Microsoft has been aiming for ever since the launch of the premium slate earlier this year. No secrets here, a lot of the Surface Pro 3 marketing has been centered on the Apple MacBook lineup in particular.

Microsoft even launched a dedicated new website in order to help people that switch allegiances.

Awesomeness everywhere!

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  • Tarkus

    It’s a very catchy ad. Surprisingly, I’m not sick of it yet.

  • Mike Greenway

    If cheese sells, there hope for this site! Merry Christmas.