That should make it a total of 37 new Windows Stores in the area, where customers will be able to purchase a number of Microsoft hardware and software products.

The company just made it official that 24 new Windows Stores are to be opened through its partnership with Best Buy. This store-within-a-store concept was first announced by Redmond last year in order to bring its tablets and smartphones closer to buyers — at least across the United States.

Microsoft opened 13 such Windows Stores at Best Buy locations in the Windy City last year. This new announcement is a continuation of that agreement, which means it is paying off for both parties.

These new Windows Stores come at just the right time for Microsoft, as the back-to-school season kicks into high gear. As company executive Brandon LeBlanc explains:

“With the introduction of the Windows Store only at Best Buy at these new locations, Chicago consumers will have more places than ever to see, try, compare and purchase a range of products and accessories. These comprehensive store-within-a-store experiences range in size from 1,500 square feet to 2,200 square feet.”

The stores offer a dedicated Surface area, where consumers can try out the new Surface Pro 3. They can also get hands-on experience with the newest PCs, laptops and 2-in-1 devices. And then there are accessories, Windows 8.1, Microsoft Office, gift cards and expert advice from trained associates.

Nice to see Microsoft steadily expanding its retail shopping presence.

Apple still leads the charge for technology companies when it comes to retail, as it manages to bring the largest number of visitors to its stores. But Microsoft is right behind, and judging by the look of things, on the right track.

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  • Cody Z

    These stores are important. Apple stores are getting tons of hype everywhere and I’m just glad Microsoft is throwing out answers in big markets like Chicago.