The Chinese odyssey coming to an end? For Microsoft and Google both? The country is ready to develop its own homegrown smartphone OS in order to take on Android.

Windows 8 installation is already banned on government PCs in China, which is a sure blow to Microsoft. To make matters worse, the company is being investigated for antitrust violations. China clearly wants to move away from Microsoft software.

But it now appears that it also wants to move away from Google.

This report from Reuters reveals that the country is developing its own proprietary operating system for desktop PCs, but government officials have plans to bring the OS to smartphones as well.

The main target is the Android platform, which has cornered more than 80% of the smartphone market, while iOS is at slightly above the 12% mark.

And interestingly, things are moving along at a very brisk pace.

Chinese news agency Xinhua claims that the development on the homegrown operating system is coming along quickly, and the engineers are aiming for it to be ready by October. This year. I guess we will find out what it looks like in just a couple of months.

What do you think of this attempt to take on Apple, Google and Microsoft? Will these operating systems be beneficial for users in China, or are they just another way for the government to control the masses?

The answer is probably out in the open, but have your say, nevertheless!

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  • Michael L

    I think the elephant in the room here is they want to move away from anything that’s American or not from China. That’s what it seems like to me.

    • Mary

      Ding ding ding! 🙂 China’s goal seems to be to have as much domestically produced products as possible.