The crisis in China has taken another turn! Microsoft is currently being investigated by government officials in the country for antitrust, and we have some fresh information on this.

The technology titan is now being accused of not providing the full details regarding two of its flagship products, Windows and Office — which is basically saying that these undisclosed compatibility issues led to concerns and problems for companies in China.

Complicated, I know.

This report from Reuters has the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) working closely with Microsoft officials on this, and has given the company all of 20 days to provide a written explanation for these issues in both Windows and Office.

Why not a full 30 days, that remains the key question?

Last we heard was that government officials were also looking at Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player for possible antitrust concerns for the local market. But since this is not the 90s anymore, they probably did not find anything solid.

These new allegations, however, are quite odd in the sense that the government has gone from accusations of hiding sales data to compatibility issues.

It will be interesting to see how both parties settle this. Redmond has been having a hard time in China, ever since May, when Windows 8 was first banned on government PCs. Some say, the Windows XP retirement had a lot to do with this new aggressive stance from China.

Then again, people say all manners of things, right?

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  • Abe Lincoln

    Is there any evidence to back this up whatsoever, or is China just throwing darts and hoping to hit? It sure sounds like the latter to me…

    • Mario29

      Doesn’t seem like there’s any evidence to me. At this point, until China backs up one of their claims, nobody should have to listen or endure this nonsense.

  • Ray C

    Chinese officials need to be collectively slapped into sense

    • DK

      Haha. I could not agree any more with that comment. It’s been a long time coming. I’d love to see it!

  • darkpr0fit

    Chinese officials need their heads examined, however payback is a bitch. For all the times that Microsoft has started litigation against other companies, that include all those that supported Linux, as well as others, I really don’t feel sorry for Microsoft.