China is a very protocol driven country, putting it mildly. They have their set rules, and they expect these rules to be followed. Microsoft and other companies are getting an education in this regard.

The software titan is one of many international firms currently embroiled in an antitrust investigation.

But while the company’s trouble in China appear to be lingering on and on, the United States China Business Council (USCBC) is stepping in to lend a timely hand. The organization is disclosing some of the illegal practices that government investigators are deploying in order to close the case.

This report has the USCBC claiming that local investigators are forcing Microsoft and other companies that are currently involved in these antitrust probes to admit guilt.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in most parts of the world.

The authorities are now pressuring company officials to respond to charges without a lawyer. The statement released by the group today reveals:

“Such practices contradict both the letter and the spirit of China’s efforts to promote rule of law and due process.”

This is, again, putting it mildly.

Obviously, these recent comments from Xu Kunlin, head of the National Development and Reform Commission’s antimonopoly bureau should be kept in the frame, where he proclaimed that foreign companies are treated just like local firms to ensure justice for all.

Equality never sounded this good.

For better or for worse, Microsoft have been given all of 20 days to provide more information on failure to detail compatibility issues with various versions of Windows and Office.

The deadline is already a few days old now.

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    Just stupid

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    Not an ethical move from China, but I can’t say I’m surprised…