China Wants To Make Its Linux OS Look Almost Similar To Windows 8

China Wants To Make Its Linux OS Look Almost Similar To Windows 8

By almost similar, I guess it means everything the same this side of the Start Menu. The Windows operating system might still be the most dominant force in computing, but the assault is mounting.

Assault from all sides, it seems.

In the end it might not amount to much, or it much just be enough to tilt the balance in the favor of competing solutions. Because, between the Steam OS, Android and iOS attack, and now these serious moves from China, Microsoft’s flagship platform is fighting on all corners.

The newest of news from the land of amazement is that large operating system developers in China have already started work on a fast, reliable and secure alternative to Windows.

This, obviously, comes right after the official banning of Windows 8 on government PCs.

And the companies handling development of the Linux alternative want to make their new open source operating platform almost similar in look and feel to, well, how Windows looks and feels. China Standard Software Co. and NFS China are the two companies in charge of things here.

This is what China Standard Software Co. said in a statement:

“There are differences between Windows and Linux, but we are trying to make consumers feel almost the same when using our products.”

True, it might not come down to how this new OS is developed, but how to convince users in the country to move to Linux. Support for applications is also an important consideration, as is how quickly the local coding scene reacts and starts cooking up new programs.

In other words, too many variables. But expected.

Regardless, how things do end up in this whole ordeal warrants keeping an eye on. We could be staring at naught here — or we could be staring at the start of something really big.

  • Ted Smith

    China is really pissing me off and I don’t have stake in Microsoft. What are they thinking? Windows 8 is too expensive but they want a Linux OS like Windows 8. I’m not buying this BS China.

  • Biz12

    Something must’ve happened behind the scenes between Microsoft and the Chinese Gov’t. That’s the only thing that makes sense to why the Chinese Gov’t would ban Windows 8.

  • Drew J

    Very curious all around. I have so many questions and the more news that’s released on this topic, the more questions i get. Switching to Linux for government seems more like nationalistic pride than a logical decision.

  • Ray C

    This is just China being China. This is them making U.S. products just like they always do

  • Mike Greenway

    Your headline say “…similar to windows 8” but this isn’t back up with information in the post. Is this an assumption on Your part?

  • WillyThePooh

    Linux supporters might be very happy to announce the market share of Linux will surge.

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