Yeah, right. Microsoft is currently embroiled in an antitrust probe in China, but the company is not alone in this. According to reports, several foreign companies including Audi, Chrysler even Apple are under investigation.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, only some vague information has come out of this investigation until now.

However, a statement released to the press by the Ministry of Commerce reveals that a number of foreign companies are included in this probe — and Microsoft is one of them.

Shen Danyan, a ministry spokesperson talked about this, and laid to rest any semblance of discrimination in this investigation, stressing that foreign companies are treated exactly the same as local companies in China.

According to the Xinhua news agency:

“Looking back at the past six years after the Anti-Monopoly Law took effect, both domestic and foreign firms have been probed according to the law. The Chinese government has always been dedicated to creating an equitable business environment for companies and safeguarding the order of market competition.”

There you have it people, nothing to fear.

Hopefully the results of this ongoing investigation, at least the Microsoft part of it, are made public in the very near future. Positive or negative. They will show whether Redmond is involved in anything that can be considered monopolistic, or uncompetitive to the rules and laws set by the state.

Not to mention, we can all move forward to more pressing matters.

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