China’s Investigation On Microsoft Too Late, Analysts Believe

The government of China started investigating Microsoft for antitrust violations a few weeks back, but there are people that believe that the inspection comes too late.

Too late for it to be productive, too late for it to matter — simply at the wrong time.

Things took this turn a few months ago when the country banned Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system on government computers, for no apparent reason. Things escalated fast after that, with regulators raiding a bunch of Microsoft offices in the country.

Now the antitrust regulators are claiming that the software titan hid sales data. This, after the security claims that Redmond could use software to steal state secrets and hand them to US agencies.

Messed up, I know.

And this is the view that several local analysts hold. They say that this investigation is coming a little too late, more so when you consider that Microsoft is no longer dominating the local market. At least in terms of unit sales, when you consider mobile devices.

In the words of Keso Hong Bo:

“Why didn’t the government investigate Microsoft when Windows dominated the market? Today, more people are moving to operating systems developed by Google and Apple.”

Luckily, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is on route to diffuse the situation, and help address these claims from the Chinese government. Analysts are confident that the Redmond leader will be able to the company’s commitment to the local market to ensure mutually beneficial growth.

More power to you, Satya.

How he will be able to prove that Microsoft did not hide Windows and Office compatibility issues is beyond me, but more power to the man, nonetheless.