Chinese Authorities Raided Microsoft Offices Due To Unfair Trade

A form of intimidation? Sure sounds like it. Perhaps the most surprising news this week was the report that four Microsoft offices in China were raided by government authorities.

The agents took away documents and computers, and their unexpected visit was confirmed by Microsoft, although the company stopped shy of making public what the authorities were actually investigating.

We still don’t know the full story, but this report says that these raids had something to do with antitrust or unfair trade — on Microsoft’s part, obviously. Intriguing.

The technology titan still maintains the same line as before, which is to say that they plan to fully cooperate with the local authorities on this matter.

Makes one wonder what sort of unfair trade the software titan was indulged in, keeping in mind that the insanely high piracy rate for both Windows and Office products in China, and the negligible market share of Windows Phone in the country.

Microsoft is banking on potential in China, sure, but the company still needs access to the Chinese market, which is one of the biggest on the planet.

Let’s hope these bumps and thumps between the company and the government are cleared soon.

  • Ted Smith

    They better have some very solid and tight evidence, or this is going to end poorly for China. It looks like they’re going to have egg on their face soon. Time will tell, but I’m leaning towards Microsoft here.

  • Ray C

    China just gets crazier and crazier

  • Rodney Longoria

    Too funny! There’s enough pirated MS software floating around in China that MS being illegally guilty of antitrust trade is damn-near impossible and outright laughable, to say the least!

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