You learn a new thing every day! Apparently NeoKylin is the name of a Linux distribution, one that an entire Chinese city has moved to after dropping Microsoft Windows.

Redmond’s trouble in the country continues, all due to local regulations that have been put in place.

While their legal issues are somewhat sorted out, users and organizations in China continue to switch from Windows to Linux based variants. The country is still struggling to complete a locally developed operating system, but that is not stopping organizations to move away from Windows.

As Bloomberg reports, the city of Siping has installed NeoKylin on local computers, which they say provides enhanced security as well as better government control over the code.

I believe the latter bit is more important.

Microsoft is yet to comment on this, even if the company may have expected this to happen. The wind had been blowing this way for quite some time now, years really.

China is, seemingly, not the only country that wants out with Microsoft software.

But the country was rather vocal in claiming that the Redmond based technology giant did not fully disclose all the software incompatibilities in some of its products like Office and Internet Explorer. The company is, however, working with local authorities to sort things out.

All the while both Windows 7 and Window 8 continue to be available to Chinese buyers.

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  • David Alexander Harrison

    Hmm… I wonder if NeoKylin is a derivative of Ubuntu Kylin, or if the name’s just a coincidence…

    • Fahad Ali

      I think you may be onto something here, David. Kylin is rather popular in China, has been for years, so maybe they just took that and ran with it.