Chinese Companies Aim To Provide Extended Window XP Support

Chinese Companies Aim To Provide Extended Window XP Support

Windows 8.1 Update 1 is not the only big news at the moment. For the 29 or so percent of computer users worldwide, the looming retirement of Windows XP is just as big a story.

Microsoft is set to pull the plug off of the ancient operating system in April.

And even though the company expects the worldwide market share of the old OS to drop down to much more manageable figures of 13 percent by the time of retirement, a lot of users still use Windows XP as their primary operating platform — with a substantial amount of them located in China.

That is why a few Chinese IT firms have announced that they will keep supporting users running Windows XP after April. According to this news report, companies like Kingsoft, Tencent and Sogou have made official their plans to provide assistance to the XP user base.

These companies intend to start offering support for Windows XP before the shutdown, and will continue working with users for the next two to three years in order to prevent them from being hacked due to unpatched vulnerabilities.

Strange, but expected.

  • Ray C

    It’s always something with the Chinese

  • WillyThePooh

    First, I don’t trust those companies. Second, how could they coordinate with their individual fixes? Third, they don’t have access to the source code. It will be a mess.

  • Tianxing Yang

    Qihu 360 has been reported as maliciously collecting user’s personal information and uploading to server without permision. –From a Chinese user