Microsoft currently has a Chinese odyssey on its proverbial hands, with the Windows 8 operating system becoming a forbidden product on government computers in the country.

Local authorities are actually asking organizations to give up on this modern platform.

But at the same time, security researches in China have actually helped the software titan make Internet Explorer more secure. In fact, of the multitude of fixes that this month’s Patch Tuesday update cycle brought, several were fixed with help from Chinese security experts.

Redmond recognized them in the Acknowledgements section of the MS14-035 security bulletin, identifying tips from Liu Long, Yujie Wen, Zhibin Hu, and Yuki Chen.

All these security researchers work with Qihoo 360, a Chinese security vendors that has launched a number of products including a freemium antivirus solution that is said to be using a powerful detection engine, offering fast scanning and real-time protection.

The interesting thing in all this is that Microsoft recently signed a partnership deal with Qihoo, in order to help them in continuing their efforts to offers security products to users in China.

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