Much has been written on how things roll in China, and much will be written. The world’s most populous country, nevertheless, remains one of the most important markets for technology.

Even if it has the largest percentage of Window XP users.

Even if the majority of this user base is yet to upgrade to a new platform.

All things considered, though, the Chinese government has taken a bit of a hands-on approach when it comes to operating platforms. First they requested Microsoft to extend the Windows XP retirement deadline, and then they negated the notion of upgrading to Windows 8.1, citing expense.

And now the government is asking Window XP users to switch to a Linux based solution, preferably something that is developed in China.

On TV, no less.

This report states that things are heating up in the country, as more and more Windows XP computers now remain vulnerable to exploits, after Microsoft ended support for the vintage OS. Authorities, it is being said, still do not have a solution to this nagging little problem.

Zhang Feng, the chief engineer of MIIT (that’s Ministry of Industry and Information of Technology) has said that the ministry will work on developing a custom computer system.

One that would be based on Linux.

This issue was recently presented on the China Central Television, which is the primary broadcaster in the mainland, with several experts expressing their opinion.

Now while, losing these users to Linux is a big deal for Microsoft, particularly government offices and organizations, the development of a custom operating system, could, in theory, affect the company’s plans for other products like Windows Phone devices and tablets in the country.

Then again, the seeds for such a move were planted last year.

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  • Randy A

    Not what Microsoft wants! Bad news… I think China may be bluffing, or maybe they’re just clueless. Linux shouldnt’t be the alternative.

  • collective pitch

    This is more about an issue of CONTROL than it is about the OS! With Windows, Microsoft is in control of the source code. With their flavor of Linux, the Chinese will be the one in control. Let’s not even get into the spying on their own people and how it will be greatly facilitated when they own the source code…

    • Emily Williams

      Yea. I think that’s what it comes down too. The Chinese government can get even more control over there. Thank god we live in a democracy over here.

  • Grim San

    My friend in Chinese told me that they have been running these types of ads for about a year. The Government will be handing out the installation disks. I don’t think the public is able to access them independently or the files are to large for them to handle. He said that no one trusts the Government and normally will do the opposite.

    FYI: From what I heard Lenovo is not to pleased with the campaign.

    • Fahad Ali

      Thanks for the information, buddy. Good to know. Not the fact that they are handing out installation disks, but real information from the ground. Let’s see how it goes.

      And yes, I can totally see how Lenovo could be turned off.

  • Ray C

    Yeah because the transition to Linux is just going to be so much easier than simply going out and buying a new system…yeah right