The RTM version of Windows 8.1 seems all set to go live later this month, and to make sure the launch goes as smooth as possible, Microsoft is reportedly testing pre RTM builds rather rigorously.

Word is strong that select partners across the globe are now testing several new builds of the operating system. Hardware and software partners in China are also in on the action.

The editors over at Win8China have recently tested Windows 8.1 build 947x — a Chinese version of the operating system that features a number of improvements and is on track to be unveiled sometime in mid-August.

It is said that along with the addition of a new Chinese input method, this new build is much more stable and faster than previous ones. It is, however, not clear whether Microsoft has added in some new features, or squarely focused on bug fixes in this new build.

Even though Microsoft has detailed many features of the new operating system up until now, there are still a number of facets it has kept under wraps.

File this under rumors for now, until Redmond comes in with the official details around the time the RTM builds of Windows 8.1 go live. Mere weeks remain before they do.

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