China is an astonishing place. Being the most populous country in the world quite often means that the technology dynamics are rather peculiar compared to other markets.

And although Microsoft seems to be paying increased attention to the Chinese market with its newer hardware products, things are quite curious when it comes to its software. Old Microsoft software seems to live forever in China.

Both Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 command large market shares in the country.

What this means is that the technology titan’s mission to move users away from old and ancient (not to mention vulnerable software) is fairly hard, if not outright impossible. But recently there have been some rather positive developments in this regard.

The newest figures finally show some progress — the market share of Internet Explorer 6, for instance, in China has dropped to 22.2 percent. It was hovering slightly over 24 percent a couple of weeks back, meaning there have been signs of improvement.

Ironically, however, IE 6 is still powering 6.1 percent of computers worldwide.

But China clearly remains Microsoft’s priority right now as it aims to capture a stronger foothold in the local market with its newer products, including Windows powered tablets and Windows Phones.

And on the operating systems side of things, while Windows XP still finds itself installed on nearly 54 percent of computers in the country, it has also started to nosedive as users in China opt for newer versions of Windows.

The market share of the 11-year-old operating system around the world, on the other hand, is in the 37 percent range.

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