Dual boot tablets may have been in the news since CES 2014, but now with Computex 2014 done and dusted, the jury is still out on whether these type of devices are the future of tablets, or just another fixation of hardware manufacturers.

There are voices that there really is not much of a market for dual OS tablets, and with the apparent pressure on the Samsung Ativ Q and the ASUS Transformer Book Duet, things have become quite murky.

However, some device makers are still persisting with dual OS tablets, with the belief that these are the type of tablets that users need. And demand.

In fact, Chinese manufacturers are now showing an increased interest in such slates.

This report says that companies in China are testing dual boot tablets with both Windows and Android on board — which in this case corresponds to Windows 8.1 and Android 4.2 and Android 4.4.

The idea being the introduction of devices that look like Windows tablets, but also offer some Android functionality. Which, to be honest, is not the worst idea in the world. Windows powered tablets really are the future, particularly in terms of functional designs.

Pricing, however, remains the key point, as these Chinese manufacturers apparently want to bring the costs down in order to achieve their goals here.

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