Chrome OS Doing Considerably Worse Than Windows RT

Analysts, media, even hardware companies have constantly ragged on about the sales performance of Windows RT and devices based on this operating system that launched alongside Windows 8 last year.

But cold, hard numbers show that new platforms always have a hard struggle uphill.

Take Chrome OS, for example. Ed Bott over at ZDNet did a little drilling to gauge the latest worldwide market share statistics for the Google’s operating system. And the numbers are far from flattering — Chromebooks only account for 0.023 percent of all users, the world over.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Google’s platform has been on the market for two years straight.

The situation looks pretty much damning when compared to say, Windows RT. Microsoft’s ARM-based operating system easily enjoys more market share after just a few months on the store shelves.

And it’s not like Google is a lone ranger in this field.

Several PC manufacturers (like HP, Samsung, Acer, and Lenovo, among others) produce affordable Chromebooks that start retailing for around $250. Google, itself recently brought to market a premium Chromebook by the name of Pixel that retails for an eye-watering $1,300.

Despite these ridiculous sales statistics, Google however is intent to promote and market Chrome OS.

The search engine giant, it seems, still believes in the platform as it can be seen running advertising campaigns and special Chrome OS sections in several large technology retail outlets around the world.

However, unless things take a turn for the better, some are suggesting that Google may yet pull the plug off of Chrome OS — and solely focus on the Android platform. The recent shift of the PC market towards tablets and mobile devices may very well have the final say in all this.