The wildly popular (Down Under at least, where the app is used by half of the company’s customers) Clickview Player App has made its way from mobile devices powered by iOS, to mobile (and other, less mobile) devices, powered by iOS’s bitter enemy, Windows 8.

Clickview is primarily a school-based video hosting network, giving school computers access to all of the high quality educational videos hosted on the Clickview network, which includes videos from the likes of Discovery and NASA. Likewise, the app gives students and anyone else access to those videos no matter where they are (namely, as far away from school as they can get).

“The level and quality of rich video content available in the market today is outstanding, which is why we believe it is so important for teachers, librarians and students to have access to it in as many forms as possible, to maximise learning opportunities,” said ClickView CEO Harvey Sanchez.

“The mobile app is also designed for students who live in rural or remote areas, who can now use their Windows 8 PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet to access a wealth of educational information stored in the ClickView Exchange,” he added.

Like the iOS app, the Windows 8 app is available for free.

Will you check out what’s available on the Clickview Player App for Windows 8, or are you too cool for school?

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