Cloud, Virtualization Also High On The List Of Windows XP Users Looking To Upgrade

Cloud, Virtualization Also High On The List Of Windows XP Users Looking To Upgrade

Microsoft is ready to bring support for Windows XP to an end in just a couple of months. And this means a substantial amount of users and businesses are scurrying around to plan and implement their upgrades before the April 8 cut off dates.

And while one would expect most of them to consider Windows 8.1, Windows 7, maybe even Linux as the platforms of choice — many also think cloud as a very viable option. A new study shows that several Windows XP users are looking at cloud and virtual desktops as their next destination.

This research conducted by a cloud services company that goes by the name of Evolve IP involved more than 1,000 IT experts. And the results show that 17.5 percent are going from Windows XP to the cloud.

Additionally, some 64.5 percent are also considering virtual desktop infrastructure for migration. In the words of Scott Kinka, the chief technology officer for Evolve IP:

“As with any forced technological shift, Windows XP end of life creates an opportunity for companies to evaluate new ways of managing IT that would benefit their end users and the IT pros who service them.

Many companies that haven’t yet migrated to the cloud and begun using virtual desktops will find the path to change easier, the support and service options more varied, and the benefits greater.”

Some 45 percent of respondents also revealed that at least a third of their computers are still running Windows XP, so the reports that the old operating system is widely installed are hardly exaggerated.

Most of these businesses and enterprises are full aware that sticking to the aging OS is fraught with danger, and there is every chance that cyber criminals would try to exploit any and all vulnerabilities they find in Windows XP after Redmond pulls the plug.