CNET does "controversial" Steven Sinofsky analysis article

CNET has just done a pretty good piece on Steven Sinofsky that you should all read.

It goes through all the standard stuff that we have all heard before.

He’s tough, he can be an asshole, he can be vindictive and he can play hardball.


Not to dismiss the article (it’s well done) but the truth is, all that may or may not matter over the next year.

Larry Ellison has been called every expletive under the face of the earth but as long as Oracle continues to dominate, that’s just Larry.

If Microsoft and Windows 8 is even moderately successful, all the articles on mr Sinofsky will be swept into the trashcan of history.

If Windows 8 is a big failure, he’ll probably be gone.

Just reality.

Check out the piece here.