Codenames Of Several Future Nokia Devices Revealed

Codenames have that special something about them. Over the years, several anticipated technology products, both hardware and software, have been designated special codenames by the companies.

And now we may have our first look at a few codenames for upcoming Nokia devices.

The Finnish mobile phone maker is widely expected to not only refresh its Lumia lineup for the year, but also add some new appealing new devices to its Lumia brand in the near future. And the codenames of some of these mobile devices have surfaced online.

In a recent tweet @evleaks has revealed the company’s roadmap for the near future, which includes devices that are internally known with rather exotic names — though the last one may actually be Sirius.

“Nokia product codenames: Bandit, Lanai, Orion, Pegasus, Rivendell, Shorty, Siruis.”

Obviously, details on these devices are yet to be provided, even as some of these names did emerge in rumors before, particularly Bandit.

This new smartphone (or phablet) is expected to come with a large 6-inch full HD touchscreen display, and powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor. Bandit is said to be released alongside the GDR3 update for Windows Phone 8 later this year, which provides support for 1080p displays.

And if you recall, the name Rivendell (Rivendale, at that time) already emerged a month or so back, and at that time it was speculated that this referred to an upcoming Nokia tablet.

Nevertheless, there are strong chances that we will be seeing these (or some of these devices) made official before the end of this year, meaning additional details and information on them is not far off.